Human Resources - Total rewards

Once your HR strategy and processes are in place, you may wish to review some of your HR programs, so that your HR practices and programs serve the execution of the strategy.

Although we can help you in any of the typical HR processes, we chose to focus on the ‘hard’ side of HR management. 

In practice, we can help you in building your total rewards strategy and practices:

  • Compensation structure (base, variable, incentives)
  • Benefits programs
  • Vendor management

Total reward strategy

The definition of an adequate and equitable strategy is key for the organisation.  It has first to be fully derived from and fully aligned with the overall HR Strategy.

We can help you in the definition of your organizations’ total rewards strategy, as well as the positioning of your organization on the prevailing job market.  After this step, we can decide on the different elements in the total reward package, according to the role of each element.

Salary structure, variable pay, incentives and benefits programs

Once the total rewards strategy has been developed, we can help you in the design of a salary structure that will be based either on an internal equity method (each job is compensated according to the jobs above and below it in a hierarchy) or either on the prevailing market pricing structure.  Salary surveys, job descriptions and job evaluations are useful tools to build those structures.

We can also help in the definition of variable compensation, short-term and long-term incentives, as well as in the definition of the benefits programs (various insurance plans, car policies and others).

Vendor management

When developing and installing one of the above solutions, the need for an external provider system or tool can arise.  In this case, we manage the provider search and relation as an integral part of the project:  search, evaluation, negotiating, and assistance to contracting.

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