Human Resources - Foundation tools

Once your HR strategy and processes are in place, you may wish to review some of your HR programs, so that your HR practices and programs serve the execution of the strategy.
Although we can help you in any of the typical HR processes, we chose to focus on the ‘hard’ side of HR management. 

In practice, we can help you in building the foundation tools for your HR programs and practices:

  • Job description
  • Job evaluation
  • Competency model
  • Vendor management

Job descriptions and competency model

Those steps are typically the base for many other HR processes: selection and recruitment, performance evaluation, training and development activities, as well as salary structure.

We can help you in building a job description framework adapted to your needs, in assisting you in writing job descriptions and in organising and in monitoring this program throughout your organisation.

We can also build a competency model, customized to your organisation.  With this structured model, you will be able to determine the critical skills you need for the current and future needs of your organisation.  Out of the gap analysis, you will drive your recruitment and development initiatives adequately.

Job evaluation

If you want to create a rewards strategy which is adequate, coherent and equitable, you may wish to evaluate all the jobs within your organisation.  After having installed a job evaluation methodology within your organisation, you will obtain a map of all your jobs, which can be the base for developing your rewards strategy.

Vendor management

When developing and installing a program, the need for an external provider system or tool can arise.  In this case, we manage the provider search and relation as an integral part of the project:  search, evaluation, negotiating, and assistance to contracting.

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