Definition of a competency model

Definition of a competency model, as a foundation for recruitment, assessment and development initiatives, as well as one element of the salary structure.


Pharmaceuticals – Belgium branch of US company


The Company had no competency tool to drive recruitment, development, succession planning and the remuneration structure.


Create a competency model that would be the foundation for all recruitment and development initiatives.  Competencies would also be a key element of the remuneration structure.
Decision was made to establish a company specific model in order to foster the buy-in of the new model and to ensure its effective use.


  • Establishment of a workgroup composed by HR and representative employees from the different departments.
  • Definition of core competencies common to the whole company, role competencies linked to cross functional roles (leaders, managers, individual contributors) and functional job competencies.
  • Definition of the competencies and of the mastering level required for each job.
  • Communication of the model and explanation of its use to the entire company.
  • Assessment of the mastering level of each individual by their direct supervisor.

Results obtained

Successful launch of the competency model, which started to be the base in the recruitment and development processes.  It also allowed to put a salary structure in place, taking into account both performance and competencies of the employees.

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