Fab²: how it all began

Fabienne HanssensAs far I can remember, I have always had a natural talent for putting order and structure in a new environment, by bringing coherence, providing pragmatic and sustainable solutions and redefining processes.

It is really my natural way to contribute to organisations so that they can reach their objectives in line with their strategies.

I firmly believe that having solid structure and processes in place allows a company to move forward and grow, and also reduces risks of errors that would jeopardize client satisfaction.

For 25 years, I contributed to various and diverse companies in the field of Human Resources, Facility and Administration.

In mid 2010, after this already long career, my desire was to help businesses in a different way and offer flexible and customized solutions, with a no nonsense approach.

So, I decided it was the right time to change my career orientation and to deliver on the basis of Advice and/or Projects.

And I launched my own company …  For A Better Business was born!

Fabienne Hanssens

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